Warehousing components

  • Inventory Management

    Via inventory management system beholding supply and purchase gets facilitated impressively. Get notified about the inadequate amount of inventory also start commencing purchase orders.

  • Track belongings

    Worried about managing your huge stock? Wave off your worries, when we are offering you services like- tracking your particular belonging in no time.

  • Classifying stock

    Segregate your inventory items by classifying them on the basis of- size, color, etc. It lets you have an estimate regarding the location of your items as well.

  • Customer account

    Systematizing your customer's account has been improvised with this service. Now, keeping an eye over purchase orders and other transactions has become easier than earlier.

  • Generate invoices

    Creating invoices seems time consuming? We give you an access to generate invoices automatically and forward them as it is to your clients.

  • Purchase orders

    Do not consider purchasing orders a problematic issue anymore. Get reminders of order arrival date and refill your stock with greater ease.

  • Financial status

    Produce meticulous financial report both for your inventory items and sold stock. Refer this report in overall profit analyzing procedure.

  • Activity checkover

    Activities taking place in eazy warehouse are traced well properly through warehouse control system. It supports keeping you up-to-dated with upcoming and existing changes in working criteria.

  • User authorities

    User authorities include- hiding operations, make them read only, hiding the staff member's name, access over particular inventory account.

  • Minor wreckage, major surplus
  • Whether it is preparing receipts or dispatching everything is traceable
  • Empowers business potential
  • Compelling and result-orienting warehouse activities
  • Exaggerating profitable revenue generation

Why us?

Eazy Warehouse Solutions by Kindlebit has touched peerless milestones in the warehouse business industry. Our market reputation and highly creditable assistance has upraised the business revenue generation standards of every business house that came into our association.

We are bestowed with strong-willed team members who execute warehouse management system with greater serenity. Due to our gratifying assistance, our clients easily wave off their worries and let us handle their warehouse inventories by showing outlandish faith in our working. It not just hikes our efficiency, but, compels us to serve even more improvised services to our clients.

Financing in the Warehousing Solutions by Kindlebit will not just enhance your warehouse procedures but would also ascertain your company’s advancement for future. You can easily add any sort of functionality in the system with time. Our professional developers work in line with our clients to regularly perk up the software and all the updates will be available for the clients to notice in the price. The Warehousing Solutions is an absolute and uncomplicated WMS

Accumulating inventory items with us will never leave you with regret. Whether you are dealing in fabrics or in gadgets, feel free to ask our assistance in order to safeguard your belongings in the desired manner.

If you were figuring out for a warehouse assistance providing business, congratulations, your search ended up at one of the desired preferences of several businesses. Our wide spectrum of services will amaze you certainly. Let's get associated and transform your inventory and warehouse management as per your desire.

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  • Help - By leaving nonexistent transparency between us and our clients, we are showcasing our updates and to be launching services hereby. Stay updated.
  • Reach us - By leaving nonexistent transparency between us and our clients, we are showcasing our updates and to be launching services hereby. Stay updated.

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