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Storing huge bulk of inventory items somehow becomes onerous. Don't worry, Eazybook Warehouse takes the right foot forward any ensures you with the best online store management system. Gone are the days, when you use to get worried about organizing your invoices or preparing financial reports.

Inventory Management


Analyze your account with online inventory system management feature and keep yourself up-to-dated with the quantity of inventory items available in your stock.

Characterizing items


Split your inventory stock items by imputing them with different colors or sizes. Also, know how much stock you authorize globally.

Customer's account


Customer relation management will keep you updated with different activities relevant to the particular account holder. It facilitates your easy access over revenue generated.

Generate invoices


There is no more need to get worried about preparing invoices of your purchase orders and sold stock. Our online warehouse stock control services will deliver you an automated invoice.

Purchase Orders


Do you also get worried about the arrival of your ordered inventory items? We will provide you the access to keep an eye over your orders and track them being anywhere.

Financial status


Develop concrete financial report and go well with your record keeping for analyzing the amount of revenue you generated in the past financial year.

Activity check out


The activity check out feature will make you aware of the updates regarding inventory management or your personal customer account.

User authorities


We understand how important it is to be aware of changes taking place in your inventory account. That is why, we are facilitating you with features like- online inventory tracking, read only accounts, hide revenue generated etc.